Prom Party at Janna Sur Mer

$60/Guest Special Prom Party Package at Janna Sur Mer

Janna Sur Mer is the perfect resort to host this year’s prom party due to the countless successful prom parties done throughout the years ensuring but success for the coming one. Janna has hosted many breathtaking galas such as the 2006 gala for the AUB which seated 3,800 people and several other galas done for the AUST as well.

Janna has also hosted prom parties for LAU, Haigazian University, USJ, AUST and many other countless universities and schools. Janna’s experience is not limited to proms it also has a golden record in weddings and large events which have reached over a thousand this year. Janna is proud of its 23 years of experience in the business allowing it understand its clientele’s needs and continually improving to provide the best for its guests.

Janna’s venue which can accommodate up to 4,000 people is design to perfection to ensure that the guests enjoy their dinner on the pool side with excellent entertainment, astounding surround sound and light system, a hydraulic stage for special moments, 11 bars for excellent service, a fireworks show with over 1,000 shots, and of course dance floors.

The resort also includes over 25 unique bungalows so that the student after prom can spend the night instead of having to go home at a late hour which is more convenient and much safer. Most importantly, Janna is a renowned restaurant due to its succulent food (Arabic and international). Our restaurants have brought smiles to people’s faces since 1996.

To satisfy our demanding clients, Janna Sur Mer- Damour offers a Special Prom Party Package which includes an open Lebanese Seated Diner and Drinks, DJ, Pro Lighting and Sound. We take pride in being able to make your dream prom come true at a budget you can afford. Our special promo price is  $60 per guest.

We, at Janna Sur Mer, have solid and reputable experience (23 years) in planning outdoor Events. You can rest assured that we can provide you with magical and distinctive themes for your prom ceremony that exceed your imagination. We take pride in being able to make your dream prom come true at a budget you can afford.

In short, Janna is the ideal resort to celebrate your prom party.  Please call us to book your prom party at 03 688 250 or 03 18 22 33 for more details.

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Janna Sur Mer

Damour, Lebanon

Tel:   05 60 26 56

Cell:  03 18 22 33

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